Be aware of severe weather and other hazards - A NOAA All Hazards Radio Saves Lives
    The immense power of the tornado about to unlease it's destructive force
    Blizzard causes havoc across three states, many caught unprepared
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    Thousands flee as firestorm takes path for LA, weather radio warnings saves many
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    Hurricane surge threatens Massachusetts. Emergency preparedness enhances survival
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"Everyone should have a working all-hazards NOAA weather radio in their home and another in their workplace. Newer NOAA radios can be programmed so that the emergency radio only sound alarms for local weather warnings and emergencies".

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: This advice can be found on just about every US GOVERNMENT public emergency management, emergency preparation and survivalist information page where conditions such as severe weather events, tornado warnings, cyclones, snow storms, earthquake, severe coastal and marine conditions, algae blooms, water contamination, hurricanes, nuclear - radiation leak events, atmospheric contamination, meteor impacts, acid rain events, general weather warnings, high fire danger areas and low lying flood zones may exist including unnatural disasters such as oil spills, it is even used for some cases of terrorism and national security and amber alerts - all available through your NOAA radio.

In the wake of "Super Storm Sandy" and the massive more recent super cell tornadoes such as those in Teaxs, we can appreciate the value of keeping up to date with an emergency radio providing evacuation warnings and storm status via a NOAA weather radio. To add to this we saw wide spread blackouts where a simple home power generator would have provided enough emergency power for basic needs until utility companies restored essential services. So what should you have had ready in this situation where a hurricane can devestate what was once a hustle and bustling urban utopia with little effort? MRE, a power generator, a bisic first aid kit or other survivalist supplies? - surely a weather radio at the least...

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It is now becoming a common event that the christmas period can bring unexpected death and despare to many in Americas north-east being hit by extreme cold weather and snow storms. People lost power and were caught un-prepared and without essential survival equipment for sale or back-up power generators (a simple home power generator can be just the size of two shoe boxes) losing heating and essential services when nature unleashes it's continuing unpredicatable fury over and over. It is without doubt that a NOAA Radio is considered the basic minimum survival tool - find the best weather radios for sale right here today. The weather radio gives fore-warning and post emergency updates for your on-going safety.

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When compiling your survival kit, you should start by considering a NOAA weather radio along with emergency essentials such as preppers meal rations MRE's (Meals Ready To Eat) plus a supply of water plus water purification tablets and filters. This would be at a minimum for any emergency preparedness! Then you should add to this -  a general first aid kit, a "fire plan", back-up power generator (they can be purchased for less than $150), a good quality flashlight - where possible always choose waterproof models above standard on all emergency equipment, an alternative sanitary disposal plan for when the toilet no longer functions Other survival equipment may include a storm whistle, fire starter, pre-made survival kit and even pepper spray for self defense.

An evacuation kit should also include a NOAA Radio that can run on batteries along with preparing a survival plan with basic steps for different scenarios as when you are caught in the middle of a catastrophic disaster, pressure of the situation can cause you not to think rationally. Also consider things like irreplaceable photos, a back-up hard drive of your computer, a UPS (uniterruptable power supply) for said computer, spare long life batteries - especially for your NOAA weather radio, emergency communications such as FRS radio or CB radio etc...

Don't get caught out when the next emergency situation arises. The National Weather Service - NWS NOAA radio system can save you! Be informed immediately and most of all be prepared by having an emergency radio so that you can ensure you and your family's safety and survival as priority number one. Often natural disaster events are preceeded by power outages and loss of normal communications such as land phone line and cell/mobile phone services, many of the weather radios available come with alternative power options including hand crank radios.

Weather Radio - Emergency Radio or NOAA Radio provides an ideal and reliable 24 hour warning system for any emergency preparedness or weather alert that may be prevalent. What if it's in the middle of the night and you have the weather radio turned off you may ask? - Modern weather radios (NOAA Radios) such as Oregon Scientific and Eaton radio have specialized functions that are transmitted by the National Weather Service enabling you to program them to suit your needs including the ability for some weather radio recievers being able to turn themselves "on" automatically to warn you of an impending emergency or possible survival situation.


Disaster Management :: Preparedness :: Response :: Recovery :: Mitigation

Disaster Management
  • Preparedness - activities prior to a disaster
    Example - emergency preparedness plans, emergency skills training, early warning systems (weather radio alerts)

  • Emergency - activities during a disaster
    Example - protection, shelter, self preservation, safety, survival, public warning systems

  • Response - activities immediately following a disaster
    Example - emergency operations, search and rescue, first aid, disaster relief supplies

  • Recovery - activities following a disaster threat has passed
    Example - temporary accomodation, medical assistance, construction and repair, re-establishing essential services

  • Mitigation - activities that may reduce the impact of a disaster
    Example - building standards, construction zoning, vulnerability analyses, public education, survival equipment

Survivalist, hikers, campers, hunters, holiday makers and adventurists should not be without a NOAA weather radio with the assurance and safety of up to date weather report and general weather warning emergency information via their NOAA radio. Weather radios often incorporate various unique survival functions and features like different the ability to use different power sources, eg. a solar panel or hand crank, cell and mobile phone chargers and emergency lighting systems for the survivalist. New technology also allows some weather radios to be specifically programed for certain alert functions relevent to your specific area making this emergency radio a must have!

The affordable SAFETY of a NOAA radio or weather radio should be a part of everyones survival plan and emergency preparation kit - even if you are not an avid suvivalist. Recent technological advancements in the NOAA Radio also incorporates the ability for many of these emergency radios to turn themselves on in the event of a warning for added safety. Classed as "essential" by many government and emergency service bodies, a NOAA radio is a must for every home, business and emergency preparedness survival kit. "WEATHER RADIOS SAVE LIVES" This is becoming more common with an increase in hurricanes along the eastern coasts of America from the Carribean to New York city and beyond.

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Do you live anywhere near a Tornado prone area? The core of what is known as "Tornado Alley" primarily consists of the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, eastern South Dakota, and also the Colorado Eastern Plains.

Have you prepared your emergency essentials or survival gear for the next severe weather event? Is your weather radio set to recieve the correct weather alert signal for your region? In addition to the Texas/Oklahoma/Kansas/Nebraska core, states to the east of this reigon have a higher frequency of tornadoes than most others.

The National Weather Service (NWS) is constantly monitoring these areas day and night and provide essential weather forecast and weather warning information via their NOAA weather radio service. You should also consider essential supplies such as food rations or MREs, water filtration and back-up power generation - at least for the short term.

Central and Southern Minnesota and Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Indiana, Southern Michigan along with Ohio all experience a relatively high number and frequency of tornadoes throughout the year. Essential locations to have a NWS weather radio and even backup home weather station for local weather analysis. Along with the previously mentioned states and areas, the Tennessee Valley (Kentucky and Tennessee) and areas of the south (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia) are all tornado prone danger areas an "require" a NOAA weather radio radio. Even a simple barometer may be enough to help determine possible weather event changes.

After the storm passes, you can bet that emergency services will be stretched to the limit and loss of power will be a given. An emergency radio becomes handy to keep up to date on any continuing hazards as a result of the storm. Get the upper hand and prepare with a power generator for back up power, your MRE food supplies and other survivalist equipment. Alternatively you can prepare an emergency "off grid" solar system with a power inverter to keep that fridge running plus heating and other essentials.

Ice storms and snow storms have been responsible for many unnecessary deaths across the United States in recent years. Simple preparation with affordable survival gear could be the difference between life and death. Outdoor clothing and long life food rations should be standard in every household subject to these conditions. A simple torch, water filter and first aid kit should also be considered minimum survival requirements.

Weather Radio USA specializes in survival supplies and emergency communications systems for North America and it's related territories including NOAA weather radio receivers, citizen band radio (CB or CB radio), two way radio, FRS (Family Radio Service) and short wave radios (SW radio). We provide you the largest range of NOAA weather radio products, emergency preparedness and weather warning equipment, weather monitoring and weather survival gear at the best prices on the web. Everything the avid survivalist could need to stay safe and in touch during and emergency situation.

Compliment that with a home weather station, barometer or other weather instrument and you will always find yourself in a better position than most to deal with most servere weather events that nature can throw your way by having a home weather station at your disposal. Whether you are a survivalist or just generally concerned with being prepared for any emergency (prepper, bug out prepper), you can't go past first packing your survival kit with a NOAA weather radio. The value of having an emergency radio can only be measured at the time it is needed most, which is usually too late for those without!

For those living in remote areas where emergency preparedness is essential, or just needing the assurance of uninterrupted energy supplies there are many renewable energy options like solar electricity, wind turbines and power generators for home, farm or survivalist use. In addition to these you will find complimenting solar inverters and grid tied inverters to facilitate the transmission of your green energy. Just remember to start with your NOAA radio, early warnings can save lives.

Great, practical christmas gift ideas for men, women and children of all ages. Looking for that special christmas present or birthday present that you know will be both useful and practical? Great outdoor survival and emergency equipment that is functional, and won't be thrown away!

Remember, survival items are small insurance for the most valuable of all assets - your life!

Take a look through our emergency preparedness categories on the left for the widest range of NOAA weather radio online and emergency radios available (including solar and hand cranked versions) plus safety, wilderness survival, bush craft, survival guides, barometers and compasses, alternative energy and disaster preparedness related items and shop online safe in the knowledge that all orders are 100% secure - guaranteed!

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